Flying Club in Devon

There are always people available to help in the instruction of new members using the 'buddy box' system. This method uses an auxiliary lead from 2 radio-control units
flying times...
I.C. / E.D.F.
Mon 10am-7pm
Wed 10am-7pm
Fri 10am-2pm
Sat 12am-6pm
anytime,except Sundays after 1.00 pm.

Flying Club in Devon
No-fly zone over house on left
and over Compton Village.

i.c.power to
  82db max.
(quiet as poss.) See BMFA guidelines
There is also a Club trainer-plane to avoid the expense of learning with your own plane!
We fly at our site Fixed Wing, Silent Flight and Helicopter.

We are very pleased to support Phoenix Models,
manufacturer & retailer of model-aircraft equipment.

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